ARI (Added Reality Interface)

ARI or Added Reality Interface is a experimental Virtual Reality system, in use by Norman Jayden under consent of the FBI. Its main use is for the detection, storing and organization of evidence and important documentation relation to any relevant case investigations. The ARI system also contains a video recording feature.


[edit] Apparatus

The main apparatus of the system is a pair of sunglasses and a right-handed glove.

ARI Glasses on Norman.png

[edit] Sunglasses

The sunglasses have a black frame and black lenses. The left side of the glasses frame has 3 spherical sensor pads. The word ARI can be found on the outside of the right frame. The lenses appear to be a fine mesh, creating the screen for the viewing of the virtual reality. When the glasses are used, a blue glow is reflected onto the user's face, surrounding the eyes. This is done to prevent viewing outside the glasses, intensifying the view of the virtual reality and preventing outside interference and distractions to the ARI system's evidence analysis.

[edit] Glove

The glove is black and made of leather, which extends from the fingertips to the wrist. One the fingertips and other joints are sensor pads, used to search and examine evidence, as well as to interact with the other apparatus of the ARI system (Sunglasses).

[edit] How to use

Alt text
Environment Analysis using the ARI Interface at Jackson Neville's Depot

Use of the system involves putting on the glasses and the right handed glove. By squeezing the hand which the glove is placed on, a small electric pulse will be emitted, detecting any possible pieces of evidence nearby, within a range of at 5-8 feet. This object will be labeled with an electronic tag, which will show a small screenshot or DNA sample of the respective piece of evidence. Once the piece of evidence has been located, and labeled for investigation, it can be further analyzed by slowly moving the glove, over the object, whilst lightly touching it with the the sensors located on the palm side of the glove. Once the piece of evidence has been has been examined, it is automatically stored within the ARI system's database.

[edit] Evidence Analysis

The main aspect of the ARI system is the Evidence Analysis. Interaction is done through certain hand movements, and can result in different aspects of the system being activated. Analyse of data is done through creating a spiral motion with the index finger on the specified document. Geographical analysis is done through throwing the data onto the map.

[edit] Clues

The Clues feature is activated by a hand movement. A box will appear, which is opened by pressing on the corner. This causes orbs to appear in front of the user, containing icons of the respective clues, and can be cycled by flicking the orb in the direction you wish to cycle. They can be analysed and geographically analysed. When analysed, specific information can be viewed, relating to the piece of evidence.

[edit] Evidence

The Evidence feature is activated by a hand movement. This creates a virtual, 1 door filing cabinet, which can be opened and contains specific documents within folders. To access these folders, the user must simply grab the folder and throw it into the air, where it will pin it self and re-adjust to the correct rotation for viewing.

[edit] Map

ARI Map.png
A Map of a specified area can be viewed by placing the left hand up and pulling down, as if you were pulling down a window screen. This map can be used to verify the geographical location of certain evidence pieces, which are thrown onto it in order to interact.

[edit] Environment

The Environments feature is activated by a hand movement. This causes orbs to appear in front of the user, containing icons of the respective environment, and can be cycled by flicking the orb in the direction you wish to cycle. The environment is the location surrounding the user. There are four possible choices the the environment.

Environment Type Description ARI Icon Environment Scenery
Autumn Forest This environment contains a small patio on which the desk is located, and is surrounded by forestation, all of which are trees during the season of Autumn, therefore giving each leaf a orange colour. ARI Environments - Autumn.jpg Vlcsnap-2010-03-08-13h25m46s35.png
Planet Mars This environment places the desk on the planet Mars, distinguishable by its red dust. Dust storms and various shapes or red-coloured rocks can be seen on the ground, as well as planets in the distant background. No sounds can be heard in this environment. ARI Environments - Mars.jpg Vlcsnap-2010-03-08-13h26m26s180.png
Underwater This environment contains aquatic life and places the desk underwater. Different species of fish and marine life can be seen swimming. Also located around the desk are rocks, coral and seaweed. The sounds of bubbles underwater can be heard. ARI Environments - Underwater.jpg Vlcsnap-2010-03-08-13h27m21s219.png
Valley Cliff top This environment places the desk on top of a cliff side, within a Valley, and is surrounded by other cliffs in the distance with large waterfalls in the distance and rivers down below. Placed in front of the desk is forestation. The sounds of wildlife, the wind and running water can be heard. ARI Environments - Valley.jpg Vlcsnap-2010-03-08-13h26m43s94.png

[edit] Recreational

Aside from the use of storing evidence, the ARI system also has a recreational and games interface. It appears as though there is only 3, 2 of which can be identified and the other unknown.

[edit] Bouncing Ball

The game creates an artificial ball and artificial brick wall located and pinned 10 feet away from the user. The artificial ball is spawn in the user's hand and can be thrown at the wall and bounced back. A score tally can be viewed of which the amount of times the ball has hit the wall is recorded.

[edit] Tanks

Not much is known about this game except that it involves miniature tanks which are capable of moving across any surface, and even up walls.

[edit] Unknown Game

There is no information relating to this game, aside from the fact that there is a third game.

[edit] Side effects

Prolonged use of the ARI system can result in unpredictable side effects. These side effects include:

  • Bleeding eyes
  • Bleeding nostrils
  • Bloody Eyes
  • Disruption of the ARI system (unpredictable weather within maps, loss of control)
  • Headaches
  • Hallucinations
  • Paleness

A preventative prescriptions drug, Triptocaine can be administered to repel the sustained effects of prolonged use of the ARI system, however, excessive use of the drug can also result in further side effects.

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