Carter Blake

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Lt Carter Blake (born April 3, 1968) is the Police Lieutenant in charge of the The Origami Killer Investigation, who works alongside Norman Jayden. Carter is one of the only characters who doesn't have the possibility of being killed within the game.

At one point in the game, Carter Blake is seen as a possible suspect of being the Origami Killer since Norman Jayden investigated the gun that was used to kill Paco Mendez belonged to the police. Meaning only one of the police officers would have access to the gun. Carter was quickly proven innocent thanks to Leighton Perry and then he moves Norman Jayden off the investigation into the Origami Killer.

[edit] Personality

His is seen throughout Heavy Rain as a ruthless person, willing to convict every prime suspect as the Origami Killer and break protocol by engaging in police brutality in order to beat a confession out of the suspect as the killer. He often jumps to conclusions in relation to the case, and as a result ends up being incorrect in his assumptions frequently.

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