Charles Kramer

Charles Kramer as he appears in the game

Charles Kramer was born on the the 11th of March 1951. He is father of Gordi Kramer and is a millionaire CEO. He is also the founder of Kramer Construction.

His main part in the game is when he bailed Gordi Kramer out of prison when Gordi was suspected as the Origami Killer, he does this by taking Scott Shelby to a golfing centre and telling Shelby he may live to regret reopening the case of the Origami Killer. Scott Shelby pursues the investigation but is later accompanied by Kramer's henchmen in his apartment. Lauren Winter and Scott Shelby are later tied up and bundled into Kramer's car. The car is then drove into a river. No matter what you choose, Scott Shelby will always survive but Lauren Winter may drown by drowning at this point. After this incident, Scott Shelby makes his way to Kramer's mansion. If you are successful, you will come face-to-face with Charles Kramer and he will reveal his son, Gordi Kramer, killed Joseph Brown in a copycat, sick murder in the Origami Killer's style. When Shelby attempts to leave, Charles Kramer will have a heart attack. The player has three options, to give Charles the pills to save his life, leave the room and leave him to die or take the pills and leave the room, still leaving Charles to die. If the player waits around in the room long enough, Charles will eventually die.

Charles Kramer also shares the same last name with the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer.

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