Cocotte Minute

Cocotte Minute is the name of the television show that Gordi Kramer watches during the chapter Kramer's Party.

It is an animated short, which shows a chef's kitchen, which is preparing to cook 2 chickens. We follow one chicken who dreams of escaping the kitchen and returning to a safe pasture. In order to decide which chicken to cook, they race them around the kitchen. The two chickens race, with one being constantly knocked about by the other, before falling into the cooking pot. The chefs close the pot lid on it, but it explodes, sending the chicken pot flying in the air. It lands in the pastures nearby (The chicken's dream of escape), where the captured chicken sticks it's head out with joy, before being hit and knocked unconscious by the pot lid.

The video can be watched here, and can be viewed in Low, Medium or High definition..

The official website can be found here

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