Crime Scene

'Crime Scene' is a scene fairly early in the game, and is the player's first opportunity to play as FBI Profiler Norman Jayden. Jayden arrives at the scene where the latest victim of the Origami Killer. This is also the player's first chance to use ARI (Added Reality Interface).

[edit] Environment

The main environment is that of a wasteland where the victim's body has been found. Several officers are already on scene, searching for clues that might have been left behind by the Origami Killer, or will otherwise give them some sort of a lead. The player can also climb up a small, muddy hill which leads up to the side of a highway. There is also a railroad nearby, which hints heavily that it is indeed the Origami Killer, as the bodies are always discovered near railroad tracks.

[edit] Clues

After speaking to Carter Blake, the player is free to search for any and all clues surrounding the crime scene, however the only necessary clues the player must find are those gotten from examining the body of the victim. Other clues include tire tracks at the top of a muddy hill, orchid pollen in the air, and cloth on a fence near the hill, among others.

After the body has been looked at by the player, the player is free to leave or continue looking for clues. If the player sticks around long enough, they will be approached by Blake and told that Blake is leaving. The player can then choose to leave as well or stick around, though if the player has found all the clues, sticking around has no purpose.

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