All your in-game action and decisions, big or small will affect the out come. Small ones will affect the game dialogues and will sometime triggers different scene, while bigger ones such as killing off one of the 4 main characters will affect the endings.


[edit] Ethan Mars

Name of Ending Prerequisites Description of Ending
Ethan's Grave Die. Modified depending on other survivors. Shaun is seen mourning at Ethan's grave, before being escorted away. This scene is altered depending on whether Madison survives or not.
A New Start Survive and evade arrest. Madison dies or is rejected. Save Shaun. Ethan and Shaun are seen looking for a new home together.
A New Life Survive and evade arrest. Fall in love with Madison. Save Shaun. Ethan, Shaun and Madison are seen finding a new home together and hoping to start up a family again.
Innocent Arrested. Madison or Norman saves Shaun. Ethan is released from a prison cell weeks after capture and is reunited with Shaun and Grace.
Origami Blues Survive and evade arrest. Madison dies or is rejected. Do not find the warehouse. Shaun dies. Ethan is analysing Origami figures in a house before shooting himself in the head.
Tears In the Rain Survive and evade arrest. Forgive Madison. Do not find the warehouse. Shaun dies. Ethan is mourning at Shaun's grave and is confronted by Madison, who says they will rebuild their lives. Ethan then shoots himself in the head.
Helpless Arrested. Shaun dies. Ethan is seen in a prison cell and hangs himself.

[edit] Madison Paige

Name of Ending Prerequisites Description of Ending
Dead Heroine Die. Modified depending Ethan's survival. A news report cover's Madison's grave. Ethan Mars is seen watching from afar.
Heroine Survive. Ethan rejects Madison. Shaun survives. Madison is seen one a talk show Let's Talk Tonight, and then at a book signing for her new book Heavy Rain.
Square One Survive. Ethan dies or is arrested. Norman dies or gives up. Shaun dies. Madison is seen at her home, hallucinating about home invaders whilst listening to a voice message from her publicist.

[edit] Norman Jayden

Name of Ending Prerequisites Description of Ending
Uploaded Die. Carter Blake is seen at his office desk talking to Lieutenant Perry, before noticing Norman's ARI Glasses. After putting them on, he is shocked to see Norman.
Resignation Survive. Give up. Ethan or Madison saves Shaun. Norman Jayden is seen resigning from the FBI, handing in his badge, gun and ARI. While he is given a chance to keep his glasses due to the fact that a new model is scheduled to be released next month, he feels that it's best for him to 'get back to reality'.
Case Closed Survive. Arrive at warehouse. Norman is seen featured on Let's Talk Tonight, and then later at his office, before hallucinating without the ARI system.
Smoking Mirror Survive. Give up. Ethan and Madison die or fail. Norman Jayden is inside the ARI system talking to a virtual version of himself. He is then seen next to an apartment bed (outside the Added Reality Interface system) having overdosed on Triptocaine, with his nose bleeding and him losing consciousness.

[edit] Scott Shelby

Name of Ending Prerequisites Description of Ending
Origami's Grave Die. Modified depending on Lauren's survival. Lauren is seen at the Origami Killer's grave cursing him. If Lauren doesn't survive a flyover of both John and Scott's grave is shown
A Mother's Revenge Survive. Lauren survives. Lauren confronts the Origami Killer in front of a house in a street and shoots them in the head.
Unpunished Survive. Lauren dies. The Origami Killer is seen walking a rainy street past people with umbrellas.
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