[edit] Part One

The Epilogue starts with Ethan waking up. From there the player chooses from a number of things to do. The player can shave, take a shower, brush his teeth, Juggle in his children's room, interact with his bird, tend to his garden, play with toy swords, work on building desings, listen to music, watch TV, drink orange juice or coffee, and interact with books and various pictures. Once Ethans wife and children arrive grace asks for help with the groceries. She then asks you to set the plates in which you can choose to set down gently or roughly in which grace will yell at you. You are then free to play outside with your children which includes "the helicopter" and "the airplane". You then participate in a sword fight quickly before Grace calls you in for lunch. Shaun goes missing and is found upstairs crouching next to their dead pet bird.

[edit] Part Two

During the epilogue we attend Jason's 10th birthday party as his father, Ethan. During a trip to the mall Shaun and Grace go looking for shoes and leave Jason and Ethan. Jason wanders off and is found looking at balloons vended by a clown. After Ethan buys him a balloon he wanders off yet again while Ethan is searching for his wallet. Ethan runs off in search for Jason and finds him exiting the mall and crossing the street. Ethan calls out and Jason runs across the street. Meanwhile a speeding car is racing down the street and the two collide only after Ethan jumps to save his son. Jason is killed from the impact and Ethan was put into a comma for six months. Shaun and Ethans relationship slowly fades.

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