Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars.

Ethan Mars (born September 5, 1978) is one of Heavy Rain main protagonists, who is a young architect suffering from depression and sudden Ethan's Blackouts, after having been involved in a car accident that left him in a 6 month coma and killed his eldest of two sons; Jason Mars. His wife Grace Mars later divorced him after the incident, and the couple have shared custody of their remaining son; Shaun Mars.


[edit] Personality

[edit] 2009

Ethan Mars is shown to be a very relaxed, full-of-life, caring father for his two children. He is a devoted architect, finding time wherever possible to work on his drawings, but still find time to play with both Jason and Shaun.

[edit] 2011

Ethan is now divorced and his relationship with his remaining son, Shaun, is slowly falling apart. Ethan also struggles to come to terms with the loss of his late son Jason. He suffers from immense depression, and also suffers from abrupt blackouts. Although sad, he still deeply cares for the well-being of Shaun.

[edit] The Trials

Ethan is tested by the Origami Killer in five trials made to test how far he will go to save his son. The trials include:

Each have Ethan risking his life or injuring himself in order to prove himself to the Origami Killer that he is willing to do whatever it takes to save Shaun. Each trail he completes, he will get a video of Shaun and some letters to the address to where he is being held. Ethan also makes it obvious he feels responsible for Jason Mars's death.

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