Father and Son

Father and Son starts 2 years after the car accident featured in The Mall chapter. Jason has died from the crash and Ethan was placed into a severe 6 month coma. Shortly after his awakening, Grace and Ethan devorced. The chapter begins where Ethan is standing in the middle of the rain outside Shaun's school, waiting to pick him up. He is shown to have let his beard and hair grow, which signify to the player of the immense impact Jason's death has had on him. Shaun soon arrives, also not cheerful. The two drive off home. When they reach home, Jason begins to watch TV. Ethan has a specific schedule to follow involving Shaun's 'snack' at 4:30PM, homework at 6:00PM, dinner at 7:00PM and bedtime at 8:00PM; which he can decide to follow or not. Following the entire schedule will see Shaun goes to bed, but not before requesting his favorite 'teddy' to help coax him to sleep. After finding this teddybear on the washing machine downstairs, Shaun will fall asleep, but not before reminding Ethan that Jason's death was not his fault. Ethan tucks him to bed and exits the room. If Ethan is unable to close Shaun's door quietly enough, Shaun will get upset; thus negating any attempts at the "Good Father" trophy.

After Ethan is outside Shaun's room, he begins to have a Ethan's Blackouts. He soon wakes up in Carnaby Corner with an Origami figure in his right palm.

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