Gordi Kramer

Gordi Kramer (born on June 13th, 1979) is the son of Charles Kramer and is widely known as a rich playboy. He is also one of the many suspects being the identity of the Origami Killer. Suspicions arise soon after Joseph Brown's murder. The young boy was last seen getting into Gordi Kramer's Limo and so the suspicions developed from there. He was soon taken off the suspect list after the police force accepted a bribe from Charles Kramer. Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter soon find out about the bribe and decide to approach him at one of his many parties he holds. Gordi laughs this accusation off and begins to show the accusation off and says he is untouchable because of his father's connections.

Later on in the storyline, Charles Kramer confesses that Gordi is not the Origami killer but he did recreate a copy-cat attempt with Joseph Brown by kidnapping him. This was a 'unfortunate accident' since Gordi held Joseph Brown underwater for too long.

Gordi Kramer also shares the same last name with the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer.

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