Hassan's Shop

In this scene, Scott Shelby goes to visit a convienience store's shop keeper, Hassan, Hassan's son, Razor was one of the previous victims of the origami killer. As Shelby was hired to investigate the work of the Origami killer by the other parents of the killers victims, he asks Hassan to provide him with any information about the death of his son to help prevent the death of the origami killers latest victim, Shaun. Despite Shelby's efforts Hassan refuses to talk, he says he was not able to save the life of his own son let alone save the life of another. Before Shelby leaves he asks Hassan where the inhailers are as he's run out, Hassan directs him to the back of the store. As Shelby makes his way to the back of the store, a 'customer' comes in, he looks around nervously. Hassan asks the man if he is looking for something in particular. The young man instantly pulls out a gun and asks Hassan to empty the cash register. Shelby hears the commosion and slowly sneaks back to the front of the store to see what is going on. Meanwhile Hassan refuses to give the young man any cash, the young man gets angry and starts swearing and insists Hassan opens the register before he shoots. from here there are many possible endings.

1) Scott Shelby could grab a bottle and smashes it onto the young man's head causing the man to pass out. 2) Scott Shelby could wrestle the young man and force him to the ground, then pull the gun out of the mans hand which is used to knock the man out 3) Scott Shelby reasons with the man, the man reveals he has a daughter and Shelby uses that to bring the man to realisation, after this the man leaves the store in peace. 4) Scott Shelby is caught sneaking around by the man, who asks him to put his hands up, Shelby fails to reason with him and gets shot in the shoulder, the man becomes so shocked at what just happend that he runs out of the store. Shelby was not severly hurt.

with any of the above endings, Hassan thanks Shelby and says he can give information about the death of his son. Hassan reveals a box which had origami figures in it, he believes it was from the killer. Shelby leaves the store with the box with Hassan saying that he was wrong to believe there was no good to be found in this place.

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