Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain Cover Art EU.jpg
European cover artwork
Platform Playstation 3
Format Blu-Ray Disc
Release dates 18 February 2010 (JP)
23 February 2010 (NA)
25 February 2010 (AU)
26 February 2010 (EU)
Developer Quantic Dream
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment

Heavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 video game developed by Quantic Dream. It is directed by the founder and CEO of the company, David Cage. Quantic Dream is also responsible for Omikron: The Normad Soul and Fahrenheit, otherwise known as Indigo Prophecy. The game boasts a realistic control scheme win which has rarely or never been seen in previous games. Using the PS3's Sixaxis motion controls along with lifelike counterparts to movements the game will have you doing a multitude of tasks. Simple things including Shaking Orange juice and Brushing your teeth to more complex movements such as dodging oncoming vehicles and maneuvering yourself through electrified wires. The game will take you on a search for the Origami Killer in the shoes of four playable characters: Norman Jayden, Scott Shelbey, Ethan Mars, and Madison Paige.


[edit] Plot


A city on the US east coast is being terrorized by a serial killer whose victims, all boys, are discovered drowned three to five days after they go missing. Seemingly, the only clues are an origami figure and an orchid discovered on each of the bodies.

The public is gripped by fear and paranoia. The authorities seem nowhere closer to a credible suspect. And, now, another potential victim has disappeared.

As the clock ticks down amidst suspicion and anxiety, four very different people are drawn into the investigation, each following their own leads in a desperate search for the missing child.

Each of them knows what the cost will be if they don’t reach the boy in time, and they will soon be forced to ask themselves just how far they are prepared to go…

[edit] Characters

[edit] Ethan Mars (Played by Pascal Langdale)

A young architect living on the east coast of America. Two years ago, he lost his ten-year-old son Jason in a car accident that left himself in a coma. Two years later, a once successful and happy family man is now grief-stricken and depressed, separated from his wife, Grace, and distant from his other son, Shaun.

Still suffering from the after-effects of the accident, Ethan is thrown into a nightmare when he discovers that Shaun may become the next victim of the Origami Killer. He will be forced to confront just how far he is prepared to go to rescue his son, and, in doing so, he may be able to finally find redemption from the guilt and grief he feels.

[edit] Madison Paige (Played by Judi Blecher, model Jacqui Ainsley)

A twenty-seven-year-old photographer living alone in the city. Suffering from crippling insomnia and nightmares, she often finds herself checking into local motels for the night. Seemingly, the only places she can rest and relax.

Though she has no apparent connection with the Origami Killer case, she will soon find herself unexpectedly drawn into the investigation. When she does, she will show courage and commitment, placing herself in great danger to find out the truth.

[edit] Norman Jayden (Played by Leon Ockenden)

Norman Jayden is a dedicated and thorough FBI profiler, sent into this unfamiliar city to support the police force with their investigation into the Origami Killer. Jayden specializes in utilizing an experimental device called ARI ('Added Reality Interface'), which allows him to investigate crime scenes and analyze evidence in a unique way.

With the local cops resentful of both his methods and his very presence, he struggles urgently to piece together the evidence before its too late, and another victim is discovered.

[edit] Scott Shelby (Played by Sam Douglas)

Scott Shelby is a retired cop who plays a private investigator throughout the game. His past and his true intentions in the game are revealed later on.

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[edit] Gameplay

Heavy Rain combines exploration, dialogue and dramatic action scenes with a powerful and compelling narrative. Taking control of four different characters, each with distinctive backgrounds and motivations, you will take part in the race against time to find a killer.

As you play the game, your actions and choices will have a tangible impact on the fates of these characters, and the way that the plot unfolds. Your every decision can have significant and unforeseen consequences - making the gameplay experience uniquely dramatic and engrossing. To take an extreme example - if one of your characters dies during the game due to your actions, it isn't 'Game Over'. Instead, the plot continues using the other characters, and that character's death becomes part of the story - influencing the attitudes of other characters, and affecting what leads and paths can be taken.

Heavy Rain is a game that focuses on drama and emotional response, not violence and repetition; on making difficult decisions in the heat of the moment, and dealing with the consequences...

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