Heavy Rain Chronicles

Heavy Rain supports episodic downloadable content, titled Heavy Rain Chronicles. Each episode explores short standalone stories within the Heavy Rain universe that are not directly attached to the game's main plot. The first episode, The Taxidermist, is free to those who pre-ordered the game and can be downloaded on launch day. It will be made available on the PlayStation Store for $4.99 soon after release. The Taxidermist Features Madison Paige as she explores the home of a taxidermist. With a possibility of three outcomes the DLC is expected to last around 1 hour. Whatever consequences you face in the download will not carry over to the full game. It is accesable through the Extras menu under Downloadable content. The second chronicle in the series will feature the Norman Jayden. No information has been released on tge content or pricing, but expect it to be the same or similar to The Taxidermist. The third will have you playing as none other but the Oragami killer himself. Pricing and content unknown at this time. Each is expected to be roughly one hour long.

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