Jackson Neville


Jackson Neville (born September 21, 1982) runs an old junk yard and auto-body shop. He is known as 'Mad Jack' throughout the game. He is the main suspect in stealing a car that the Origami Killer is believed to have owned at some point. This is discovered by Norman Jayden. His voice actor is David Gasman.

Norman Jayden is suspicious of Mad Jack denying any knowledge of the car and the Origami Killer. When Mad Jack leaves, Jayden investigates around the shop and discovers tire marks and split blue paint, revealing the car was likely to have been here at one point since it had been painted blue and stolen. Jayden wanted to find this car to try and link it to the Origami Killer.

Mad Jack can be killed in the chapter of Mad Jack. When Jayden holds him at gunpoint and is crushed by his own bulldozer in the car. If Jayden loses the fight, the consequence happens to Jayden instead of Mad Jack.

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