Mad Jack

Mad Jack holding Norman at gunpoint.
'Mad Jack' is a level roughly 3/4's of the way through the game. The player controls FBI Agent Norman Jayden and is able to use ARI to search for clues regarding the killer's car, and whether Mad Jack has seen it. Jayden also suffers from his drug addiction in this scene, forcing the players to attempt to take Triptocaine. This scene revolves around trying to retrieve information from a man known as 'Jack "Mad Jack" Neville', who is suspected of having the killer's car in his garage at one point. In one of Jayden's thoughts, he comments that Jack is dangerous and he should be careful. This proves to be true as Jack holds the player at gunpoint in this scene, confessing one of two things to the player depending on the player's choice.

[edit] Setting

'Mad Jack' takes place at a scrapyard. When the player arrives, Jack is working on a bulldozer. The player can choose to go up and speak to him directly, or go into his garage, the latter making Jack angry. Inside of Jack's garage, there are cars, some tools, Jack's room, and if the player uses ARI to discover it, a skull in the acid bath. Inside of the garage, ARI detects many different pieces of evidence, including the killer's car tracks and paint, orchid pollen, a blood trail, and Mad Jack's finger prints among others. These clues will confirm that the killer's car came through, or otherwise lead Norman to discover that Jack is guilty of murder. Either choice results in the same outcome, but different dialogue.

Norman Jayden using ARI to discover the Orchid Pollen.
looking around with ARI, it is inevitable that Jack will hold the player at gunpoint, though the dialogue and method varies depending on the player's actions. If the player discovers the killer's car tracks and paint and then tries to leave, Jack confesses to painting the killer's car. Alternatively, if the player discovers the blood trail leading to the acid bath, Jack will hold the player at gunpoint and explain that the skull is from a cop who was "asking too many questions". Either way, the player is then forced to walk toward the back of the garage where Mad Jack plans to kill Norman.

This is one of only two scenes where Jayden must take (or attempt to take) his drug. There isn't a resist choice here, though if the player fails to take the drug this could be seen as resisting. It can be assumed that Jayden has no choice, as he is dealing with a criminal and needs to arrest Jack, so he quickly gets his fix instead of trying to resist. When Jayden first notices he's starting to suffer from withdraw when Jack is held at gunpoint, Jack laughs at Jayden and comments on how the FBI are letting 'dopeheads' in.

[edit] Endings

This scene can play out a number of ways. After a struggle with Mad Jack, if the player hits all or most of the successful prompts, the player will have Jack at gunpoint instead. The player gets many dialogue choices, one of which is to 'impress' Jack, by shooting near him. Jack freaks out and starts confessing, though this is not the only way to get Jack to confess. Another known way is to talk to him for a bit, and then comment on the gasoline cans. Jayden claims they will "light up real nice" if he shoots them. This scares Jack into talking. After hearing Jack Confess, Jayden starts telling Jack his rights. It is here that Norman suffers from withdraw of Triptocaine, the drug he is addicted to. The player then has to attempt to take the drug, in the process holding down several, close to all, of the buttons. If successful (which is quite hard to do), Jack is arrested and taken into custody, and the scene ends there.

However, if the player fails, Jayden drops his drug and falls to the ground, where Mad Jack tells him he is going to kill him just as Jayden blacks out. When Jayden awakens, he is handcuffed to the steering wheel of his car, which is being taken by the bulldozer toward the crusher. Jayden struggles with his handcuffs, and then remembers the gun in the glovebox. If the player can get the gun to Jayden in time, he will shoot off his handcuffs just as the car drops into the crusher.

Mad Jack attacks Norman Jayden after he escapes the crusher.
The player then must rapidly tap a few buttons and hit one prompt to escape, otherwise Jayden dies in the crusher (Jayden will die in the crusher if the player fails to retrieve the gun, as well.) Jayden is then attacked by Mad Jack, and the two fight. If the player completes most or all of the prompts, Jack's clothing gets caught in the bulldozer and he is crushed by it. If the player fails all or most of the prompts, Jayden will die, one way of which Mad Jack chokes him to death. Jack is often laughing through the fight, and fitting music and sound effects are played. Jack seems over-confident that he can kill Norman Jayden.
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