Norman Jayden

Norman Jayden (born August 14, 1978) is a playable character in Heavy Rain.
Norman Jayden.

He is voice and face captured by Leon Ockenden. Jayden is a primary character in this game, and works for the FBI in the investigation of the Origami Killer. He has a pair of high-tech glasses known as ARI, or Added Reality Interface, that allow him to quickly scan the surrounding area for any traces of DNA, footsteps, fingerprints, and other potential clues. All of the clues he checks out are stored in ARI for later use.

Jayden also suffers from addiction to a drug named Triptocaine. Jayden desperately struggles with his addiction to the drug throughout the game. Through player choice, he can either resist, though this causes him to have shaking hands and a cold sweat, or take the drug.

Jayden can be killed in the following chapters:

If Jayden isn't already dead, he dies in chapter Epilogue - The Smoking Mirror

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