Shaun Mars

Shaun Mars with his father

Shaun Mars (born January 19, 2001) is the son of Ethan Mars and Grace Mars and brother of Jason Mars. Shaun Mars is the latest to be victim of the Origami Killer. The disappearance of Shaun Mars is the foundation of the entire game. Shaun seems surprisingly independent throughout the game and at times, anti-socialable. Shaun also misses his brother Jason Mars being around throughout the game.

Shaun is kidnapped in chapters Where's Shaun and The Park. Ethan Mars soon realises that the package he recieves includes 5 origami creatures and a mobile phone. Each of the origami creatures includes an address and a trail for Ethan to complete. His reward will be a video call from Shaun.

Shaun can die at the The Old Warehouse chapter were he dies of drowning. The other consequence is that he lives a happy life with his father and Madison Paige or the opposite which would be to witness his father's death in front of his very eyes.

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