Shaun and Jason Mars

Shaun and Jason Mars are the two children of Ethan Mars and Grace Mars. During the epilogue we attend Jason's 10th birthday party as his father, Ethan. During a trip to the mall Shaun and Grace go looking for shoes and leave Jason and Ethan. Jason wanders off and is found looking at balloons vended by a clown. After Ethan buys him a balloon he wanders off yet again while Ethan is searching for his wallet. Ethan runs off in search for Jason and finds him exiting the mall and crossing the street. Ethan calls out and Jason runs across the street. Meanwhile a speeding car is racing down the street and the two collide only after Ethan jumps to save his son. Jason is killed from the impact and Ethan was put into a comma for six months. Shaun and Ethans relationship slowly fades. With both of them depressed from the death of Jason and the separation of Ethan and Grace their relationship is in peril. Once Shaun and Ethan finally get a healthy relationship back Shaun is kidnapped by the Origami killer and is stored in a drainage cage.

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