Sleazy Place

[edit] Events

In his search for leads on the Origami Killer, Scott Shelby visits an urban hotel, hoping to find the mother of the latest victim, Lauren Winter. After making his way past reception and up to the second floor, Shelby investigates the last door to the left, where he finds Lauren. Assuming that Shelby is a "customer" she allows him entrance, to soon find out he's a private detective. Depending on how the player approaches the situation, Lauren can either tell Shelby to leave or try her best to answer his questions. If the latter occurs then Shelby can probe into several queries, which will unearth details on her son's death, his household and family as well as Lauren herself.

She describes how Johnny was out playing with friends after school, as he would normally do. However, when all of the other children came home, Johnny was nowhere to be seen. After several days of appeals and searching, Lauren's son was discovered drowned in a pool of rainwater with an Orchid laid on his chest and an Origami Crane in one hand, both signature's left by the killer. Before Shelby can ask anymore questions, Lauren asks him to leave.

About to leave the hotel, the detective is suddenly subjected to a heavy asthma attack. After using his inhaler to overcome the attack, Shelby spots a suspicious man entering Lauren's apartment. Curious, he knocks on the door to only be ushered away by the thug, but as he is about to turn away, he spots Lauren huddled on the floor. A fight sequence will begin, and no matter what happens, the man will leave, swearing the two of you will meet again. With nothing else to say, Lauren thanks Shelby as he leaves the building, at which point the scene draws to a close.

[edit] Choices

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