The Mall

The Mall is the chapter where Ethan Mars, Grace Mars, Jason Mars and Shaun Mars visit the shopping mall for Jason's birthday. Ethan is left to watch over Jason whilst Grace buys Shaun a new pair of shoes. Jason quickly wanders off at the sight of a clown with balloons. Ethan reluctantly buys Jason one, whilst urging him to stay with him. Ethan hands Jason the red balloon and struggles to find money to pay for it, checking his pockets. After buying the balloon, Ethan turns around and cannot find Jason. Grace arrives and confronts Ethan about Jason's disappearance. Ethan reassures her and runs down to the main enter of the shopping mall, frantically looking for Jason. He soon makes his way to the entrance and notices Jason across the street. Jason runs across the street towards Ethan, into the path of an oncoming car. Jason lunges forward and grabs Jason in an effort to protect him, however, they are both hit and Jason got hurt. Jason's red balloon can be seen floating towards the sky while the cries of Jason's mother can be heard.

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