The Park

The Park involves Ethan Mars and Shaun Mars after school, trying to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The time is 4:15PM, and Shaun has remained at the bench, too sad to play. When asked, he explains that his teacher yelled at him for being late. Ethan can coax Shaun into joining him in a number of activities, such as jumping on a see-saw, swinging on a swing-set, or riding on a carousel (not the horse carousel). Completing these activities properly can make Shaun feel better. Afterwards, Ethan buys Shaun a packet of "Strawberry Chewies". Although Shaun hates strawberries, he still accepts the treat with appreciation for Ethan's effort. By then, Ethan realises that the weather is getting worse, and that it's perhaps time for them to leave. Shaun however has one last request: to ride on the horse carousel. Ethan buys a ticket and watches over as Shaun enjoys himself. Ethan however experiences another blackout.

Moments later, he finds himself in the Carnaby District a few hours later. The sudden realisation of the moment sends him running back towards the park screaming Shaun's name. Able to find only Shaun's bag left next to the carousel, he quickly returns home to search for Shaun throughout the house. After turning up unsuccessful, he exits the house before falling to the ground and crumbling into tears.

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