The Rat

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[edit] The Last Figure, The Last Trial.

The Rat figure, when opened by Ethan, tells him through a message, that he must give his life to save his son, followed by an address, 991 rainbow lane. When Ethan enters, he finds himself in a passage lit by red lights. At the end of the passage is a white, larger room. There is various equipment and mirrors, surrounding a small table and chair. On the table is a screen a watch set at 60.00 and a vial. Upon interacting with the screen, it plays a computerised message, informing him that the vial contains a fatal poison that will hill him in 60 minutes. If he drinks it, he will get the last letters and be able to save his son before Ethan dies*(Ethan won't die, It's just a test to prove he's ready to give his life for his son). If he doesn't drink it, he will have to use his existing hangman letters & numbers** to guess the address.

[edit] Notes

  • if Ethan drinks the vial, yet has not completed any of the other trials, he will check his phone and panic.
    • When he walks out without drinking the vial, he will guess the address based on his current letters and numbers, or panic depending on the amount of letters and numbers he has, if any.
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