The Shrink

The Shrink chapter involves Ethan going through a Rorschach test, in which his choices become increasingly disturbing as the test continues. After which, the shrink will conclude the test; explaining that there is no physical damage, but that he is still concerned for Ethan's psychological state. He continues on to sympathise with Ethan's loss, but also tries to confort him in reminding him that Jason's death was an unfortunate accident. He then asks how Ethan's other son Shaun is doing. Towards the end of the conversation, Ethan has the option of confiding with the shrink about his blackouts. If told, the shrink will explain that he cannot be certain what effects Ethan could be suffering from such a traumatic experience.

The shrink's timer goes off, and Ethan begins to leave, but not before his consultant finishes off by telling him that he is lucky to be alive. Ethan disagrees.

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