The Walkthrough


[edit] Introduction

Heavy Rain is a freestyle, role play game that has a lot of dramatic choices that each have their own consequences. Some players who have played this game consider it more of a movie than an actual video game. Being a role play game, there is quite a lot of cut scenes and videos that create the story. But being that this game has so many different endings, it is way more complex then your average role play and interactive game. This game hits high tops for the immense amount of choices, and all the consequences that follow. Also my walkthrough will be organized in a way that all four characters have one section, and the parts they play will have a number next to the title of the part, indicating in what order that part comes. So with all that behind us, let's get started.

[edit] Controls

  • R2 - Walk forward
  • LS - Look around
  • RS - Direction, main usage control
  • START - Pause game
  • SELECT - Any extra help needed

Those are practically the only controls you need to play throughout the game. Other controls will be displayed at the time needed.

[edit] Prologue

I want to point out that if this is your first time playing the game, that you choose the "normal" difficulty setting, as the setting normal is a casual easy going setting that will give first time players a more relaxed and enjoyable game.

[edit] 1. Jason's Birthday

In the beginning of the game, you will see Ethan Mars beginning to wake up in his bedroom. The few controls they ask you to do are the basic controls to allow you to get used to the gameplay. When Ethan Mars is up, feel free to walk around and do the different actions throughout the floor you are on.

After you are done exploring, you must take a shower, brush your teeth, shave, and look into the mirror before returning back to your bedroom to change into clothes. After you change into your clothes, look into the birdcage near your room for future reference.

Go downstairs and through the living room, past the bookshelf into your studio. Work on your project located at the desk until his tools are no longer available to use. Wait for his family to show up, by either waiting around or exploring around the kitchen and fulfilling the side actions.

When the family arrives, help Grace Mars set the grocery bags down and go to the dining room where the plates are located. Slowly set each plate down, careful not to break them before going to the backyard where the two children are. In the backyard you will see Jason Mars and Shaun Mars. Play with both of them until the wife calls all three of you to come in and eat. Shaun will not be at the table, go upstairs and find him sitting next to the birdcage.

[edit] 2. Lost

Now that you're in the mall and alone with Jason, follow him to the clown. He asks for balloons, in which you finally give in and buy them. Check the back pockets until you find money to pay the clown. Follow Jason who has ran off and down the escalator. Keep shouting his name and first run to the back of the mall, then to the car, then to the street. If you lose sight of Jason, there will be a command to allow you to spot him. Once at the street, the prologue is over.

[edit] Ethan Mars

[edit] 3. Shaun Mars

Once at home, Shaun will go directly to the couch to watch TV. Go to the chalkboard in the kitchen and read the schedule. There should be a clock in the living room, right at the entrance to the kitchen. There should also be one in the kitchen. Use these for reference.

The first thing you are to do right when you get home is fetch Shaun a snack. Talk to Shaun first, asking if he wants a snack, then go get fruit from the counter, or chips from the cupboard. At 6:00, talk to Shaun again and ask him to do his homework, he will resist, but be persistent. He will go to the table and when done will ask for you to check. Check his homework and he will return to watching TV. At 7:00 again talk to Shaun and ask him if he wants dinner. Either make the pizza or the TV dinner in the refrigerator and he will eat his dinner, then return to watching TV. Finally at 8:00 tell Shaun it's his bedtime and he will ask to stay up, and if you are persistant, he will finally get up and go to the bathroom, then his bedroom. While he walks away, go to the hallway to read the paper, and you will see the first clue: Origami Killer Claims Another Victim.

When Shaun calls for you, go upstairs and talk to him, he will say he lost his teddy bear. Go downstairs to the laundry room and retrieve his blue bear from the washing machine and give it to him. As you start to go downstairs, Ethan will pass out and hallucinate.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Happy Birthday - studio, set table perfect, played with kids
  • Interactive Drama - automatic
  • Good Father - followed schedule, made Shaun happy

[edit] 6. The Park

This section will start in your doctor's office where he will present to you some inkblots and ask you three questions. You will then be cut to the park where Ethan Mars and his son, Shaun Mars are at the park.

There are four games you can do while here, try to do at least two of them:

  • Swings
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Boomerang
  • Seesaw

After you've done the amount of games you like, go buy Shaun some candy. When you give the candy to Shaun, he will say he doesn't like it, but there is nothing you can do about it. To end the part, get Shaun on the carousel and Ethan will pass out and hallucinate again. When he comes to, grab Shaun's backpack, and walk out.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Good Friend - Two games were played, and bought candy

[edit] 11. The Box

Since Ethan is confined in his home because of all the paparazzi in the front yard, you cannot exit the house from the front. First thing, go read the letter on the kitchen table. You may have seen this letter before when you first brought Shaun home. Read it, and you will receive a locker ticket. Now you have to exit your house.

Go from the back door where the basketball hoop is, and walk to the right of your house. Jump over your neighbor's fence, and through the alleyway. Get into your car and get the hell out of there!

Once at Lexington Station, push your way through the crowd. Because at this point Ethan has a phobia of large crowds, you will need to successfully follow the actions to progress through the crowd. If Ethan chokes, that means you must start over. Once you have progressed much throughout the crowd, Ethan will hallucinate. For the trophy, you must knock down fifty people, head straight for large crowds and knock down as many people as you can before the hallucination ends and you have reached Jason's phantom. Go straight to the locker on the ticket and open it up. (Do not open any other lockers if you want the trophy). You will receive a mysterious box, and Ethan will go to a motel.

Once at the motel, this will be Ethan's prime base from here on out. Nothing is really to be done except look in the shoebox to move on. After opening up the shoebox you should have the following contents: A bear, a butterfly, a shark, a lizard, and a rat, that are all origami. You will also have a gun, a phone, and a phone chip. For now, read the bear origami, place the chip in the phone, and put the box and it's contents under the bed. This will end this part.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • VIP - Leaving your home undetected
  • Agoraphobia - Knock down at least 50 people while hallucinating at train station
  • Lucky Locker - Find the right locker on first try

[edit] 15. The Bear

On the bear origami Ethan found in the box, it lists a car mechanic's address. When Ethan arrives there, talk to the guy who is working on the white van. Show him the ticket, and he will give you a key. Go down the elevator and use the beeper to find the car the key belongs to. Once you found the car, get in and search the left of the car for the GPS. The GPS will point to a direction that is against freeway traffic. To move on Ethan must go against traffic to obtain the key that will unlock the glove compartment.

Even if you fail an action while driving, Ethan will not die, the car will be lightly scratched, and the actions will continue. For the Kamikaze trophy, follow the actions while driving in this order:

  • either LEFT or RIGHT
  • only RIGHT
  • only LEFT
  • only LEFT
  • only RIGHT
  • only RIGHT
  • only RIGHT
  • only RIGHT TILT
  • either LEFT or RIGHT

Once you have finished all of the actions, in whatever order you please, Ethan will crash off road and will smash apart the GPS, retrieving the key to the glove box. Once he's unlocked the glove box he will get his first clue to where Shaun is located. The actions are upside down, so be careful when choosing.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Kamikaze - Don't mess up on the road
  • Good Driver - Complete the bear

[edit] 19. The Butterfly

In the butterfly origami, the address leads Ethan to an old power plant. When you get to the front gate, it will be locked. No worries, there are other ways to get in. Going left down the street, there will be a hole in the fence. Once you climb through there, go along the wall with the butterflies to find the door, open the hatch and climb in. Once you are in go up to the glass and slow down your speed to a modest, slow pace. Once you find the fork, take out your match and follow the way in which the wind blows it. The directions should go: right, left, left, right. Whenever you come to these intersections, be safe and check the direction with the matches anyway.

Soon enough if you do correctly, Ethan will come out of the shafts and into an electrical wire room. When in here, you must make your way carefully through the tangled wires. The wires that spark consistently should not be attempted to pass through. I will make a point right here in saying before you try and cross your first wire, hold your controller freely so you can hold down many buttons at once. I will also say that Ethan cannot die in either of these challenges. Moving too quickly in the glass shards or getting shocked too many times in the electrical room will make Ethan quit early and you will earn the Coward trophy, (only if he quits in the electrical room). Moving on.

So the easiest way to get past these wires is to do as follows: Go all the way to the right of the room and don't go through the first one from the right, but the second one right after that. From here go in this order: LEFT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, UP. If you successfully make it through the wires, Ethan will exit up the stairs and the part finishes.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Coward! - Exit before you finish the second trial
  • Electrified - Complete both trials

[edit] 23. The Lizard

Now that Ethan is on his third origami, the lizard, he is sent to an old, broken down apartment building. All over the floor, you will see scattered lizard statues. The apartment room you need to get into is locked, therefore starting from the stairs, find the third lizard statue, it will be bright green, and shake it. You will hear the key clunking around inside the statue, which then Ethan smashes it and the key is revealed. Once in the room you get to start the real bloody fun.

In the apartment you will see two side rooms in the little apartment room. The only object that you see clearly is a table, and an electronic that looks like a picture frame. Go to the frame and click on the screen. You will then be given five minutes to cut off your pinkie finger. In these five minutes, you must prepare. There are many ways to cut off his finger, and many of the tools are optional. If you wish to get the trophy in this part, cut off his finger as follows. If not, feel free to try the different tools and techniques. First, grab the disinfectant medicine from the bathroom cabinet. Place it on the table. Now you may choose to use the hand axe, the kitchen knife, or the pliers to do the actually cutting. Once you've chosen, place that item on the table. Now grab the iron rod found on the floor and heat it in the kitchen stove.

After you have all these things prepared and on the table, take the disinfectant medicine and pour it on your finger. Next take your cutting item and cut off your finger. After you've done that, take the heated iron rod and cauterize the wound. Ethan will then proceed to punch the floorboards under the table which will reveal the next clue to where Shaun's location is.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Gold Finger - Use disinfectant, knife, pliers, or axe, then iron rod
  • Butcher - Use saw or scissors

[edit] 27. The Shark

The next origami Ethan reads is the shark. The challenge is that Ethan must kill another man. The address leads him to a drug dealer in middle of the city. This part is fairly simple and requires nothing more than following the actions until you chased the dealer into a little girl's room. Here you have a choice - kill the man or don't. If you do not kill the man you will fail the test, but win the trophy "I'm Not A Killer". And if you do kill the man, you will proceed with another clue to where Shaun is and win the trophy, "I'm A Killer".

Trophies Unlocked -

  • I'm A Killer - kill the drug dealer
  • I'm Not A Killer - don't kill the drug dealer

[edit] 31. Kiss or Miss

Ethan starts out sitting next to the window, deep in thought or whatever is going through his mind. If Madison is still alive at this point, she will come in and you have a chance to get romantic with her. If she isn't alive, then Ethan will have to overcome his depression himself.

Whatever it is you choose to do, the police are coming for Ethan. Ethan has to escape through the balconies and roof, and if he doesn't make it, and he is caught by the police, Ethan is eliminated from the game and remains in jail throughout the rest of the game.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Lover Boy - forgive Madison
  • Unforgivable - do not forgive Madison
  • Escape Master - escape the police and jump off the roof

[edit] 35. The Rat

At this point, if Ethan is still alive, he has read his last origami which has sent him to a very fancy looking room. When he reaches this room, he is on his final trial. The final trial is very, very simple. You go into the room and you see another electronic and a vial. Listen to the message and it will tell him to drink the vial, and the contents in the vial are poison and if he drinks it he only has one hour to live. The good news with drinking the vial though is he will receive the address to where Shaun is located. If you chose not to drink the vial, turn around and walk away. If you do drink the vial, then take the last clue and Ethan will proceed to his car. If you have failed two or more trials, Ethan will not have enough clues to get the location of where Shaun is, and it is up to Madison or Norman to find out on their own.

If he has passed all five trials, he will know exactly where Shaun is and won't have to guess at all. If he has only passed four trials he will have to play the guessing game as follows. Listen to the audio on the cell phone and you will hear a foghorn sound from the drowning video of Shaun. Since Ethan has only one guess he must make the right choice on the GPS. With the left analog you may chose the destination and pressing X will send Ethan that way. The address where Shaun is is: 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Sacrifice - drink the poison
  • Clever Dad - find out where Shaun is without having all five trials passed

Ethan Mars RP ends, go to Ending

[edit] Scott Shelby

[edit] 4. Sleazy Place

Here you will meet the second player in the game, Private Investigator Scott Shelby. Being a retired PI, he learns about the Origami Killer and decides to take matters into his own hands. Starting off, you'll see him inside a edgy motel. Go up the stairs and to the last door on the left to enter Lauren White's room, the one he's interviewing about her recent son's death to the killer. Once you've reached her room knock on the door and she'll be reluctant at first to let you in, but sure enough she will. As the interview concludes, walk back out of her room and make your way down the stairs. Half way down the hall Scott will start to have an asthma attack and you will be prompted to find his inhaler and use it. As he is getting himself back to normal, a violent rapist will come storming through the halls and barge his way into Miss. White's room. To earn the trophy go back in and beat the guy up, if you don't want the trophy, continue to make your way back down the stairs and out the door. This will end the part.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Private Eye - use the command "trick" instead of "buy" at the end of interview
  • White Knight - beat up the rapist that barges into Lauren's room

[edit] 8. Hassan's Store

The next person Scott decides to interview is another victim to the killer, Mr. Hassan who runs your local convenient store. When he gets there the place is dead empty and since Hassan doesn't want to talk, Scott decides he needs another inhaler, so go to the back of the store. Just as you get to the back of the store, a local teenage hooligan will come in and hold a gun to Hassan's head in an attempt to rob the store. Now you have some choices: you can either stay in the back of the store and let Hassan get what he deserves, or you can try your luck at sneaking up behind the robber and restraining him. If you get caught while trying to do this, you will not get shot, don't worry. Instead, you will need to calm down the robber who is now holding the gun at your head by making quiet noises in an attempt to keep him from getting angry. Soon enough you'll get the robber to think twice before storming out of the store without harming anyone or without taking anything. Hassan in the end will give you a small shoebox that he was holding on to ever since his son died. Scott will take the shoebox back to his apartment for further examination because it holds vital information about the killer.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Negotiator - get the robber to flee

[edit] 12. Babysitter

The third person that Scott decides to interview is Mrs. Bowles. Go to the front door, and of course it's locked, so you have to go around the house and use the unlocked door in the back. When you come in, the place will look like shit and the baby will be unattended. You find a letter on the ground full of suicidal and emo type themes. Freaked out, walk to the back of the house into the bedroom. No ones on the bed, so go into the bathroom and you'll see a bath full of blood and sure enough, one messed up Mrs. Bowles. Pick her up and get her on the bed, then run back to the bathroom for medical supplies to treat her wounds with. After treating her wounds, she'll tell you some long dreadful story and she will be interrupted by her unattended baby's cry. Now you'll have to go back and take care of the baby, change it's diaper, and feed it milk. Go back to Mrs. Bowles and she'll tell you about a phone she has in her drawers. Take it out and return back to your car.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Baby Master - perfectly care for the baby

[edit] 16. A Visitor

You'll see Scott passed out on his desk after a long night of work. Get him back to reality by following the actions. Feel free to look around his desk and home for a more detailed background of what his investigations are up to. Soon enough the hooker you first interviewed, Miss. White, will be knocking at your door to give you a letter that she claims she "mysteriously" found while looking around one day. Finish the cut scenes and move on. After being practically forced to agree to Lauren being your new partner, take her along with you to Gordi Kramer's mansion party, whom you believe is a valid suspect. Since Mr. Kramer was charged with child molestation and murder before, Scott has a lot of reason to believe that Kramer could be the Origami Killer. As you approach the guards that are at the entrance to Kramer's room the two jackasses won't let you in. Go back to Lauren who for once has something valid to offer and get her to either distract the guards, or get the drunks in a brawl.

Once in Kramer's room you'll see him sitting in front of the TV, high on weed. When you confront him, the two guards will come back in the room and you must successfully beat them up for the trophy. Careful on the fights because they are easily lost and this effects the storyline.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Tough Guy - successfully beat up the bodyguards

[edit] 19. The Golf Club

Now that Scott is done beating the crap out of Gordi Kramer, you get to enjoy a nice little high tech game of golf with the person you want to see the most - the kid's father.

So you get to the high tech golf facility and Charles Kramer, Gordi's dad is there inviting you to play. Scott will give in and start hitting a few balls and basically this entire part is following the actions and listening to Sr. Kramer whisper his words of warning before moving on.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • None

[edit] 23. Manfred

One of the clues that Scott and Lauren decides to look into is the typewriter that was used to type the letter Lauren had. They make their way down to Manfred's shop who is an expert in typewriters and other antiques.

When you first come in the store, Lauren will start looking around so you have to find Manfred. Go to the back of the store and there he is, doing his thang. Talk to him and he will get some alcohol to celebrate the arrival of visitors. Answer the phone that rings, then go back to the front of the store, show Manfred the letter and get him the magnified glass, and then finally drink some. Manfred then goes back to where he was working to look for some records that could match your letter. Long story short, he was back there for a very long time, so go to the back of the store and he will sure enough, be murdered. When you go back to Lauren, she too will know the news so instead of reporting to the police, Scott decides to get rid of all the fingerprints to save their asses.

Get out Manfred's wipes and wipe the following places:

  • black telephone at the front counter
  • the whiskey bottle
  • the two glasses to drink from
  • the main door
  • the glass counter by the main door
  • the bathroom if it's been used
  • the white phone in the back
  • the magnifying glass
  • the music box that Lauren held onto

Get out of there and there will be a long dramatic cut scene where Scott tries to convince Lauren to quit while she can, her being stubborn jumps out of the car and storms off. Scott has to rejuvenate himself before catching up to Lauren and apologizing.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Perfect Crime - wipe away all tracks and don't end up in police station

[edit] 27. Good Chef

When Scott and Lauren return back to his apartment, they will do a bit more of talking before she decides to take a shower. While she's taking a shower go fix her some eggs in the kitchen. Get the eggs from the refrigerator and the pan from the wash rack. When you're done with the eggs, set them on the table and Lauren will come out to eat, and show you a notebook she has found.

While you and Lauren talk, she will come up with the next name you need to check out: John Sheppard. Go to the cemetery, as this is where John Shepard is buried. Young John Shepard's gravestone will be a few places past the gravedigger. Lauren will go ask for help while you find the gravestone. When you get to the gravestone, inspect it and the fresh flowers that are right in front of it.

You and Lauren will join up and start to listen to the gravedigger's story about the two young boys, John Sheppard and his twin. Soon enough Scott will go into a flashback and play the role of John's twin brother. Follow John through the construction site with no errors for the trophies. After you finally catch up to your bastard brother, you high five him and the young boys continue to play hide and seek. The boy you are controlling will skip a few numbers before going to look for John. If you run to the middle of the field and follow the drainage ditch, you will sure enough find John trapped in the drainage pipe.

As the gravedigger finishes the story saying John died, and the young brother was adopted, follow Lauren back to the car. The part will end by a brief cut scene of Mr. Kramer visiting John Sheppard's grave.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Chef - perfectly cook Lauren's eggs
  • I'm Not Scared! - make no errors while following John

[edit] 30. Trapped

After running some errands, Scott returns back to his apartment. Here you will find Mr. Kramer holding Lauren hostage. Scott will then wake up tied to his car that is sinking deep underwater. Sitting right next to you tied as well is Lauren, and you have the choice here to save her or not. Scott will not die, but Lauren will if you choose not to save her.

First, untie yourself, and then proceed to slapping Lauren awake, then to untying her. Kick open her door window and try to do this all before the windshield caves in. If Lauren is untied, and Scott automatically escapes, he will bring Lauren with him.

After losing his car, and almost dying, Scott is sent on a rage to kill Mr. Kramer. Crash your car into his mansion and begin the ultimate shoot out as you kill all the bodyguards. If you kill all the guards then Scott will proceed to Mr. Kramer's room. If Scott is grazed too much, he will retreat and come back for another day.

Once you catch up to Mr. Kramer, beat him up and you will get to hear more about Gordi's past. Mr. Kramer will then have a heart attack and you have another choice: Save him or not.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Swimming Instructor - save Lauren
  • Invincible Scott - don't get shot
  • Kind Hearted - give Kramer his pills

[edit] 34. Origami Killer

At this point, if Lauren had survived the sinking car then Scott will tell Lauren to go hide in a safe spot until he has sorted through his Origami Killer mess.

Scott will then have another flashback as John Sheppard's younger brother. It will be the ending to the earlier flashback and you will have to run to the young boy's father, who is drunk off his ass and ask for help. He won't help and tells you to get lost, so run back to John who is know holding on to his dear life trying to keep from drowning. Watch the rest of the scenes and move on.

Now that we see the Origami Killer at his safe place, the only thing and reasonable thing to do is burn all the evidence. Throw all the evidence into the dump bin and light the matches to set these nasty buggers on fire.

Scott Shelby RP ends, go to Ending

[edit] Norman Jayden

[edit] 6. Crime Scene

This is the first time we meet FBI Agent Norman Jayden. Working with the police, he is sent to the crime scene of the Origami's eighth victim. To start, walk towards the line of police and duck under the tape. Make your way into the fenced field and either look for Lt. Blake, or investigate the body, (in the white tent) and Lt. Blake will come to you.

When your conversation ends, pick "leave" so you can look around. When you are done talking to Lt. Blake take our your ARI glasses and press R1 to get clues and investigate them. To earn the trophy look at all the clues available at the crime scene. When you are done, return back to your car to move on.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • FBI Investigator - find all 10 clues

[edit] 8. Welcome Norman!

Here you'll see Norman sitting around in the police station. At this time, I highly highly recommend that you play ARI handball. Like seriously. Finally Capt. Perry will emerge and at this point you should get up and help him with his necktie. Once he's in his meeting you can walk around and explore for a bit. When you're ready to get to work, talk to the secretary outside Capt. Perry's office.

The secretary will show Norman to his office. Clear off the desk and put on ARI. After picking your customized background, review the clues from the previous night's crime scene. After you take off ARI, Norman will start to experience his drug withdrawal symptoms. Norman has a vial of the drugs in his pocket, but his goal is reach the bathroom before he has to take the drugs. So successfully get him to the bathroom to avoid having to use the drugs. If you don't take the drugs, then Ethan Mars will come in to report that his son Shaun has gone missing. It goes as follows:

  • 4:15 PM
  • Beige Coat
  • Green Pants

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Got To Remember! - picked the right choices about the park

[edit] 10. Kick Off Meeting

After reviewing the clues from the first crime scene, Norman sits Lt. Blake and some other guy down to a slide show he has prepared. This part requires nothing but following the actions and watching the cut scenes. Moving on.

After the long and boring slide show, go with Lt. Blake to one of your suspect's apartment, Nathanial. Nathanial is a religious freak who when you knock isn't home, so break in and look around his house. Inspect all the items throughout the entire apartment before returning to the living room to wait for Nathanial's arrival.

When Nathanial arrives, Norman will start to interrogate him. When Lt. Blake, being the bastard he is starts to use his harsh charm on the man, Nathanial will turn around and point a gun to Lt. Blake's head. You can either shoot him on the spot, or try to calm him down before Lt. Blake handcuffs him. If Lt. Blake handcuffs him, Nathanial will turn around once more and whip out a cross before Lt. Blake handcuffs him for good.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Blunder - shoot Nathanial
  • Self Control - don't shoot Nathanial

[edit] 18. Laughs and Shrinks

Here you'll see Norman and Lt. Blake back at the police station. Before you can barely do anything, Grace Mars will come into the police station worried about her ex-husband's stability. Nothing is to be done except chuckle at Ethan's breakdown. Move on.

Now that you and Lt. Blake are at Ethan's shrink, it's time to get some information. Lt. Blake will once again use his harsh charm on the psychotherapist and you can choose to either intervene or lay back and watch the man do his job.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Good Cop - intervene when Lt. Blake starts to bully the shrink
  • Bad Cop - sit back and watch when Lt. Blake bullies the shrink

[edit] 21. Jayden Blues

If Ethan got away from the police in his part, then read directly below this. If Ethan was captured by the police, skip past this paragraph and read the next one.

Here Norman will be back at his hotel, frustrated from Ethan's escape. Using his ARI, play the piano perfectly for the trophy. When Norman is ready to work again, review the traffic evidence, the car evidence, and the suspect, Mad Jack. After this Norman will once again suffer from a withdrawal attack. Either give in, and take the drugs in the vial located in the cabinet, or try and fight it by getting the bottled water, getting in the shower, or flushing the vial down the toilet.

After Ethan is captured go to Lt. Blake and protest the fact that Ethan is the Origami Killer. When that does no good, go see Capt. Perry and protest as well, which as well, this does little to no good. Go back your hotel and play on the piano. When Norman is ready to work again, review the traffic evidence, the car evidence, and the suspect, Mad Jack. After this, Norman will decide to free Ethan. Go into the surveillance room and turn off the interrogation video where you will see Ethan. Since Lt. Blake has left the room for a moment, go into the interrogation room and talk to the police officer there to make him leave. Once you've helped Ethan to his seat, return back to the surveillance room to retrieve the dark police coat. Not far from Lt. Blake's desk there should be an unoccupied desk. Get the keys lying there and return back to the interrogation room where Ethan is. Use the items to get Ethan out of there. If you do all of this successfully, Ethan is back in the game.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Ludwig Von - don't miss a piano note
  • Detox - do not take drugs in the vial
  • Wise Guy - turn off the camera before helping Ethan escape

[edit] 24. Mad Jack

So let's just take a moment here to say that Norman can die here in this part if you aren't careful.

The car that the Origami Killer is using will lead Norman to a garage in where Mad Jack works. You can either walk towards the crane he is using, or walk into the garage to grab his attention. When you are done talking to Mad Jack, he will return to his work and you can use ARI to inspect the clues. When you find the skull under the metal sheet, Mad Jack will interrupt you and reveal his criminal intentions. You can either start the fight with Mad Jack by using objects or wait until he pulls his gun out on you. If you win the fight and get information, then Norman will suffer yet again another withdrawal attack. Successfully follow the prompts to take the drug vial to handcuff Mad Jack. But, if you fail at getting the drug vial, Mad Jack will handcuff Norman to a car on it's way to the crusher. Follow the prompts to get out of the car alive and watch Mad Jack's fate. If you fail to get out of the car, Norman will have a fate of his own and will be dead for the rest of the game.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Goodbye Mad Jack - kill Mad Jack

[edit] 37. Fish Tank

So surviving the Mad Jack part, here Norman will be at the Blue Lagoon night club. You will briefly see Madison pass through, but obviously they will be strangers to each other and not confront one another. Show your identification to the bodyguard at the top of the stairs to Paco's room. Once you get to Paco's room you'll see the Origami Killer beat you there and check out the dead corpse. Instantly a shadow, the Origami Killer will come in and start to attack you. Follow the actions successfully to survive the battle. Make sure to grab at the attacker's coat as he dashes off, as this could give extra information. Go back to the bodyguard and rough him up for information about the intruder. Go back to the fish tank office and put on ARI and retrieve Norman's gun from the floor and the attacker's gun from the curtains behind the door. Also pick up the bullet shell behind the desk, Paco's fingerprints on the table objects, Madison's fingerprints on the tape roll and the lamp, the pollen, and the receipts torn from the attacker's coat.

When you are done exit the office and leave out of the main door on the bottom floor.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • None

[edit] 40. Norman's Puzzle

At the police station, if you survived the attack, talk to Lt. Blake. After the conversation is over, return to your office and use ARI. You now have the decision to continue your investigation or end it, what moron would quit after all of this, so continue.

Now you need to fully check every clue and file. When you get to the killer video, pause it and scan it in the first half to obtain the wristwatch. In the second half of the video you will obtain the sword clue. With the older clues and now the new clues, if Norman has enough, he will be able to identify the Origami Killer. Do a geo-analyze scan on the suspect to find Shaun's location.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Nerd - Norman figures out the puzzle and identifies the Origami Killer

Norman Jayden RP ends, go to Ending

[edit] Ending

Now the ending. It will pretty much be the same with all the different characters, no matter how many died or got locked up in Ethan's case. As long as one hero (Ethan, Norman, or Madison) gets to the warehouse, the game ends the same. If none of the heroes make it to the warehouse then the kid dies a horrible death and nobody cares.

Since there are so many different combinations of heroes finding Shaun at the same time, I will let you figure out the rest. Basically though, if Ethan makes it there alone, then the Origami Killer leaves him alone and he has the chance to kill him or not. But if two or more heroes make it there, they must fight the Origami Killer together. Also, if one hero besides Ethan makes it there alone, they must fight the Origami Killer.

Trophies Unlocked -

  • Heavy Rain Hero - complete the game, in any way
  • So Close... - all four characters go to the warehouse, but Madison is arrested, Jayden dies, and Ethan is shot to death
  • Four Heroes - all four characters make it to the warehouse and survive
  • Trial Master - successfully complete all five trials
  • Perfect Crime - clean Manfred's shop; Lauren, Hassan, Kramer dead; Madison

and Jayden dead; Scott free

  • All Endings - see every ending
  • Heavy Rain Master - get all trophies
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